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Take the Lull by the Horns! Closing the Leadership Gap 

"Does for Leadership what 'The Goal' did for productivity"
                                                        ----- Art Espey, Chief Operating Officer, Power Process Piping, Inc.

"An engaging story with valuable insight leadership into the global economy.  This book gave me hope! Innovation and creativity can thrive if employees are given the tools.  Nothing Dull about the Lull!"
                                                        ------ Dr. M. Kate Murphy, Program Manager in Lifelong Education      
                                                        and Professor of Speech Washtenaw Community College

"Take the Lull by the Horns shows readers in a practical manner how to assess themselves so they can become more effective managers who make profitable and positive contributions to their organizations."
                                                        ----- Dr. Tom G. Javarinis, Professional Colleague
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